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    ALENOR BF-3D Lead-free Waterproofing Roof Tape

    ALENOR BF-3D Lead-free Waterproofing Roof Tape- 

    Butyl adhesive sealing and waterproofing tape with a three-dimensional form surface that is resistant to long-term weather conditions such as UV radiation, frost, rain, moisture.


    The tape is made of painted aluminum foil having volume embossing in the three-dimensional form. The volumetric pattern gives the tape-increased strength and provides high flexibility for sealing hard-to-reach junctions and junctions of complex configurations.


    From the inner side the entire surface is covered by high quality butyl adhesive of the foil and has high adhesion to standard building surfaces (ceramic, cement-sand tiles, metal tiles, aluminum profiled sheets, slate, brick, concrete).


    The use of ALENOR BF-3D tape is ideal for sealing chimneys and abutments between walls and roof tiles, the tape can be used in all applications where lead is traditionally installed, ALENOR BF-3D has many advantages for those working in the construction industry, including the simple and quick installation process.



    Brown - RAL 8017

    Copper brown - RAL 8004

    Graphite grey - RAL 7024

    Jet black - RAL 9005

    Black grey -  RAL 7021


    444.jpg     6666.jpg


    ALENOR BF-3D is designed for sealing, waterproofing and sealant junctions of the protruding elements of the roof and walls (chimneys, bay windows, dormer and dormer windows, skylights), places of abutment of the pitched roof to the walls..



    • Strong and flexible, easy to mount on complex surfaces, fits snugly;
    • Thanks to its three-dimensional shape is able to lengthen, being distributed in the necessary directions;
    • UV resistant, is not sensitive to temperature changes, rain, snow, hail, does not corrode;
    • Release film of the tape consists of 2 linear parts glued with an overlap. This allows you to peel off the liner in parts, which greatly simplifies installation;
    • Long service life (10 years);
    • Does not contain substances hazardous to life and health.



                                Name                             Value     

    Water resistant


    Adhesion to concrete (no less then), kgf/cm²


    Аdhesion to steel (no less then)Н/25 mm


    Operating temperature of exploitation, °C


    Recommended application temperature, °C

    +5… +40

    Service life (no less then), years

    Tape thickness, mm Width, mm

    Length, m

    1,1 ± 0,1  300 ± 5 

    5 ± 1,5 %