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    Concentrated primer Alenor®

    Concentrated primer consists of water-soluble acrylic latex with functional additives. For interior and exterior use. Well compatible with the butyl rubber layer of window tapes.


    For priming the surface of a window opening before installing windows, walls, before painting, finishing work, plastering, and other works to increase adhesion, as well as reduce the water absorption of the base. Can be added to dry building mixtures (except gypsum) to increase adhesion, strength, frost, and weather resistance.


    • diluted with water just before use to receive from 3 to 5 liters of primer (the ratio is determined depending on the porosity of the base);

    • high penetrating properties;

    • vapor-permeable;

    • highly adhesive;

    • frost-resistant;

    • reduces water absorption of the base;

    • protects against the mold, thanks to an anti-fungal additive;

    • has an indicator of application;

    • can be applied to concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, gypsum, putty, wood, brick, foam concrete, etc.

    Name Value
    pH of the primer 10,25
    Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, % 27
    Drying period to the extent 3 at the temperature +(20 ±2,0) ℃, hour, not less  2
     Relative viscosity to B3-246, nozzle 4, at the +(20 ±2,0) ℃, not less 10

    1 liter