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    Pressure roller Alenor®

    Alenor pressure roller for installation of tapes with a butyl rubber layer to increase the adhesion area. The better you press the tape to the surface, the higher the adhesion of the butyl base to the building material.



    For rolling tapes with butyl rubber adhesive to any construction surface. We recommend using a pressure roller for correct and high-quality installation of all Alenor butyl rubber tapes (BF, BF-FR, BF-2D, BF-3D, ridge tape, etc.), window tapes, tapes with acrylic adhesive (aluminum, fiberglass-based, fiberglass mesh, non-woven fabric, spunbond, etc.) and car noise insulation.


    • increases the adhesion of insulating tapes;

    • thanks to the ergonomic design, the roller is comfortable to hold in your hands, it is compact and lightweight;

    • smooth surface of the roller does not scratch the tape, does not leave marks on it;

    • the roll is made of polyurethane, it is reliable, durable and will serve you for years;

    • the handle made of natural wood does not slip in the hands during operation;

    • the bright material of the roll prevents the loss of the roller at a construction site, it will always be in sight.

    Handle length, cm Roller diameter, mm Roller width, mm Roller length, cm
     13 35  30 18