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    Roof Sealing Tape

    Alenor® BF roof tape – foil-coated tape based on a butyl polymer constant-sticky sealing surface, which is protected by siliconized film.
    Perfectly glued to various surfaces: metal, roof slate, ceramic tile, onduline, wood, polymer coatings, concrete, glass and other building surfaces.
    The outer foil layer of the tape has a high resistance UV radiation level and maintains its color unchanged throughout its service life (at least 10 years).

    2-3 red.jpg2-3 terracot.jpg7-3 brown.jpg8-3 grafit.jpgСтрічка покрівельна герметизуюча Alenor BF (бордова) 10м Butyloff.jpg


    • sealing of joints on flat and inclined roofs;
    • fast repair and sealing of roof elements, roofs from various materials and drainage systems;
    • sealing seams and joints in structures from various materials (concrete, metal, wood, plastic, polycarbonate, etc.);
    • sealing of cracks and slots;
    • sealing of vans of cars, boats, metal equipment;
    • sealing of elements of pipes, pipelines, etc.


    • high adhesion (stickiness) to any materials;
    • self-sealing in case of punctures and cuts;
    • high resistance to UV radiation;
    • hands and surface remain clean;
    • flexible throughout its entire length;
    • long-term service life;
    • environmentally friendly, does not contain life-threatening substances.
    Name Value
    Tape thickness, mm 1.4
    Vapor permeability, mg/ (m²×h×Pa) 0.0002
    Watertightness yes
    Adhesion to concrete, MPa 0.15
    Adhesion to steel, MPa 0.16
    Temperature of usage, °С - 40 – + 100
    Installation temperatures, °С + 5 – + 40
    Shelf life in original packing, month 24
    Working life (no less then), years 12



    Burgundy Red Brown Graphite Terra cotta Green Aluminum metallic

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    Art. no.      Name Width, mm Roll length, m
    Roof Sealing ALENOR® BF 50 50 10, 20
    Roof Sealing ALENOR® BF 75 75 10, 20
    Roof Sealing ALENOR® BF 100 100 10, 20
    Roof Sealing ALENOR® BF 150 150 10, 20
    Roof Sealing ALENOR® BF 200 200 10, 20