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    Corner car protector

    Corner Car protector - self-adhesive sheets of chemically cross-linked foam. Can be applied on flaf surfaces or on corners.


    Угловой car protectorУгловой car protector 1Угловой car protector 2

    Plates are glued to the enclosing surfaces and are designed to protect the edges of the columns in the structures, to protect doors, bodies or other car parts from any damage in cases of improper parking.

    Thanks to the high adhesive properties of the self-adhesive layer, it does not detach from the surface even under heavy load. Visually oriented for parking and hazardous areas.

    Provide maximum visibility due to black and yellow reflective stripes, that are the most recommended warning colours.

    Suitable for placement in medium and heavy traffic areas, as well as in areas with moving trolleys (carts). They are the ideal solution for parking lots, hospitals, homes for elderly people, laboratories, hotels, schools, sports fields and any other pieces of commercial real estate.

    For indoor use only!

    • installation to any surfaces, including uneven ones
    • does not require additional tools during installation
    • flexibility
    • moisture resistant
    • durability of at least 20 conventional years
    • protection from scratches and paint damages
    • resistant to abrasion and colouring
    • ultra strong adhesion
    • its dimensions can be changed

    Viewing angle 125x125 mm

    Length x Width x Thickness: 500х250х20 mm

    Installation chart

    1. Clean the surface from dust and dirt.
    2. Remove the protective film
    3. Secure to the surface.