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    Alenor® U-shaped sealing butyl tape

    Alenor® U-shaped sealing butyl tape - sealing tape based on butyl rubber composition constant stickiness for profiled roofs, it is protected by silicone paper. Adheres well to various building surfaces: glass, aluminum, steel, polymer coatings, fiberglass, etc. The special shape of the tape improves sealing performance due to its perfect fit and filling ability.



    • Allows to minimize displacement of sealant from the seam

    • Excellent adhesion to most materials

    • Self-sealing ability in case of punctures and cuts

    • High resistance to UV radiation

    • Hands and surface remain clean

    • Stretch along the entire length

    • Long service life

    • Environmentally friendly does not contain life-threatening substances




    • Sealing of balconies visors, joints profiled sheets of roofing and facade elements roofing glazing, roof windows

    • Sealing the cracks and crevices

    • Sealing of seams and joints in structures of different materials (concrete, metal, wood, plastic, polycarbonate, etc...)

    • Quick repair and sealing of roof elements, roofs from various materials and systems of the drain and drainage

    • Sealing of construction joints of heat-insulating foams

    • Sealing car vans, boats, metal equipment and structures, cold rooms and solar panels

    • Waterproofing of facade glazing elements, etc.


    ALENOR U-_eng.png          ALENOR Utwo.png

                      Name               Value
    Sealant color gray, black
    Elongation, not less, % 600
    Adhesion to concrete, not less, kg/sm² 0,3
    Adhesion to steel, not less than, kg/sm² 0,3
    Recommended installation temperature, ºС +5...+40
    Operating temperature range, ºС -40...+90
    Service life, years 10