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    Tape for Ventilate the Ridge and Protect Edges of the Roof

    ALENOR® Ridge Tape is an outer protective tape made of non-woven polypropylene membrane and edges of the tape are with aluminum profiled and adhesive butyl strips.


    Edges stripes are made of weather-resistant painted aluminum and quilted to the non-woven polypropylene fabric with strong silk threads.


    images_600px.jpgКонькова стрічка Alenor теракотова_коричнева 240мм_310мм (5м) шт.jpg


    Ridge tape is assembled under the barrel ridge and the edges of the roof. The central part of the tape of non-woven polypropylene fabric provides excellent ventilation and removal of accumulated moisture from the roofing space and insulation, as well as protects the roof from precipitation, dust, insects and birds.


    Aluminum edges stripes are with a thick layer of butyl adhesive allow to fix the tape on the various roofs, which ensures a long service life, reliability and durability of the roof.



    • Resistant to UV radiation
    • All over elastic
    • Long service life (10 years)
    • Does not contain life-threatening substances
    Name  Value

    UV stability of nonwoven fabric, months


    UV stability of colored foil, years


    Strength of adhesion with steel, ceramics (MPa)


    Operating temperature, ºС

    - 40 ... + 100

    Recommended application temperature, ° C

    - 5 ... + 40

    Shelf life in original packaging, months


    Service life (at least), years


    Width, mm

    Tape length, m

    240, 310