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New product: Alenor flange profile sealant for ventilation systems
3 September 2021

We present a new product: Alenor flange profile sealant for ventilation systems. It is a self-adhesive tape for sealing and compaction of flange joints of rough rectangular or round air ducts for prevention of air- and heat loss. We produce the foamed polyethylene sealant in two colors: gray and white.

An adhesive layer with high stickiness provides excellent adhesion. The tape adheres tightly and evenly to complex surfaces due to its mechanical properties. The sealant is winded on the coil that easily fixes on a mounting belt. Soon the new product will appear in our online store, but for now, ask our managers for the Alenor flange profile sealant!

Quality is confirmed by certificates
26 August 2021

We have updated the data on current certificates in our section on the website. All products of our own making are certified according to the current legislation. The results of the passed examinations confirm the safety of our materials for health, compliance with fire safety standards. Series of laboratory tests indicate the high technical characteristics of the products. Our production operates by quality management standards ISO 9001:2015 – a certificate of this is also publicly available on the "Certificates" page.

24 August 2021

Review of noise insulation materials for apartments
19 August 2021

Noises in the flats cause inconvenience for every resident. We have made a list of materials of our production, which can help you to solve the problem:

  1. Terafoam floor soundproofing material used for floating floor construction. It absorbs impact sounds effectively, guarantees the confidentiality of private life. It is produced from chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam with closed cells. On one side material is laminated with black dense polyethylene film, which performs the role of waterproofing.
  2. Foamed butyl rubber is used for soundproofing the walls and ceiling in frame constructions with sheathing (drywall, MDF, OSB sheets, etc). The material performs two functions: acts as an elastic layer between hard elements of the construction and absorbs the noises. Index improvement of airborne noise with an application of synthetic rubber can reach Rw=16Db (for rubber with a thickness of 19-25 mm).
  3. Alenor adhesive sealing soundproofing tape provides a tight connection of metal profiles of framing with load-bearing constructions in junction places. Improves soundproofing between building construction elements, compensates for thermal expansion. For proper soundproofing profiles of metal framing must touch the walls and ceiling only through soundproofing tape.
  4. NSP soundproofing for pipes removes airborne and impact noises in sewerage pipes. It is made of foamed rubber (neutralize airborne noise), butyl rubber layer (absorbs vibrations and impact noise), laminated foil, and adhesive layer. The set is ready for use, it is cut into sheets. The set also includes aluminum tape for gluing the joints.
  5. Alenor BF sealing tape based on butyl rubber composition and foil. It is used for soundproofing metal flashing and visors.

Therefore, a complex approach to soundproofing will help you to solve the problem of noises in a flat.

6 August 2021

It’s still hot outside, but autumn is slowly coming. Rains will be soon and we’ll have to finish the roofing work and to begin the finishing work. Everybody knows that roof is a crown of the building and the ridge tape is, surely, a crown of the roof. That’s why a few tips from Ukrainian ridge tape Alenor manufacturer won’t be unnecessary. Ridge tape assembled under the barrel ridge and the edges of the roof. The main purpose of the tape is to provide the ventilation of roofing space and protect it from rain, snow, dust, insects and birds.

The center part is made of non-woven polypropylene fabric provides excellent ventilation and removal of accumulated moisture from the roofing space and insulation. Alenor aluminum edges stripes are made of aluminum foil with density over 100 micrometers and have butyl rubber stripes 15 mm in width. They allow to fix the tape on the various roofs, which ensures a long life service, reliability and durability of the roof.