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Our new: Alenor Full Glue window tape, designed for the Passive House

19 October 2020

Alenor brand is constantly developing its series of window/door insulation tapes. We have created a new product for Ukraine and worldwide markets: Alenor Full Glue window tapes. They are produced for waterproofing and thermal insulation the window/door frame junction in buildings, according to Passive House and NZEB standards.

This kind of house was named "PASSIVE" because thermal energy is accrued in it from "PASSIVE" sources: produced by humans, household appliances and or other building equipment. Heat loss is reduced to minimum by insulating windows, doors, roofs and walls using the new technology high-quality thermal insulation materials. Heat consumption from "active" sources (heating systems) is reduced by 75-90% (according to the Passive House Institute, Germany).

Our product Alenor Full Glue Tape is produced by Ukrainian manufacturer with the world's leading technologies. They provide protection from mold and moisture, prevent losing heat through the seam. They make the junction airtight, according to the requirements of Passive House.

Find out more about the Alenor Full Glue window tapes by clicking Link.

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