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The insulation of air ducts in the shopping center Respublika Park in Kiev is made with materials of our production

9 December 2021

In the largest shopping center in Ukraine, Respublika Park, Alenor products were used to insulate air ducts. In November, a new mall was opened in Kyiv, which broke all records in terms of scale and innovation. At 300,000 sq.m. there is a huge number of boutiques, attractions, a park with living trees... Such a grand building required a functionally developed ventilation system. And for the insulation of ventilation systems, were used, in particular, materials of our production.

Alufoam RC reflective material based on foamed synthetic rubber provided thermal, steam, and noise insulation. Alenor N-flex rubber tapes and Alenor PET-coated aluminum tapes were used for sealing the seams. Our branded Alenor flange profile sealant was also used for the flange joints of the air ducts.

Reliable insulating materials will ensure the long-term and correct operation of the ventilation system in the shopping center Respublika Park.

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