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Lab test of the pressure roller

12 November 2021

The pressure roller significantly changes the bond strength of the two glued materials. To make sure of this, we carried out two experiments in the laboratory of NORMAIZOL. In the tests, we used Alenor BF butyl waterproofing tape.

In the first experiment, we found out if rolling with a roller affects the time that a tape with a load will hold on. We glued two identical pieces of tape to the surface in two ways and attached weights of 1 kg to them. The sample rolled with a roller held on four times longer than glued by hand. The result indisputably proves that the bond of the roller-rolled tape is higher.

In the second experiment, we confirmed quantitatively how the pressure roller changes adhesion. For this, we used a tensile testing machine. The adhesion force (N/mm2) of the tape, glued by hands and rolled with a roller, was measured.

Watch the process and test results on our youtube channel.