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NORMAIZOL became a supplier of Alenor BF waterproofing butyl rubber tapes for projects of the construction company "Prostranstvo" in Odessa

13 October 2021

Alenor BF sealing butyl rubber tapes were used during the construction of the residential complexes "Space on Mayachnaya" and "Space on Dachnaya" in Odessa. Comfort class multi-storey buildings are built according to modern energy efficiency standards right on the seashore.

Alenor BF tapes were used to eliminate weak points in the thermal insulation of the structure. They were installed for hydro and vapor barrier of junction points, for protection from precipitation, drafts, heat loss, insects, and dust. The foil coating of the tapes allowed them to be left in direct sunlight for a long time during facade work.

Residential complexes will soon be commissioned, and new residents will be able to enjoy all the benefits of living in energy-efficient buildings.

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