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6 August 2021

It’s still hot outside, but autumn is slowly coming. Rains will be soon and we’ll have to finish the roofing work and to begin the finishing work. Everybody knows that roof is a crown of the building and the ridge tape is, surely, a crown of the roof. That’s why a few tips from Ukrainian ridge tape Alenor manufacturer won’t be unnecessary. Ridge tape assembled under the barrel ridge and the edges of the roof. The main purpose of the tape is to provide the ventilation of roofing space and protect it from rain, snow, dust, insects and birds.

The center part is made of non-woven polypropylene fabric provides excellent ventilation and removal of accumulated moisture from the roofing space and insulation. Alenor aluminum edges stripes are made of aluminum foil with density over 100 micrometers and have butyl rubber stripes 15 mm in width. They allow to fix the tape on the various roofs, which ensures a long life service, reliability and durability of the roof.

Alenor ridge tapes are produced in sizes 240 mm and 340 mm, and in four colors of the foil – brown, black, terracotta and black-grey. Are suitable for almost all types of roofing materials and configuration of roof and ridge. Bear up without deformation and destruction the temperature of configuration from - 40°С...+100°С. Assembles easily, provides solid, sealed and neat joint with the roof materials. 

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