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NORMAIZOL became a supplier of Alenor BF waterproofing butyl rubber tapes for projects of the construction company "Prostranstvo" in Odessa
13 October 2021

Alenor BF sealing butyl rubber tapes were used during the construction of the residential complexes "Space on Mayachnaya" and "Space on Dachnaya" in Odessa. Comfort class multi-storey buildings are built according to modern energy efficiency standards right on the seashore.

Alenor BF tapes were used to eliminate weak points in the thermal insulation of the structure. They were installed for hydro and vapor barrier of junction points, for protection from precipitation, drafts, heat loss, insects, and dust. The foil coating of the tapes allowed them to be left in direct sunlight for a long time during facade work.

Residential complexes will soon be commissioned, and new residents will be able to enjoy all the benefits of living in energy-efficient buildings.

New handy identifier for Alenor internal and external window tapes
7 October 2021

We never stop working on the usability of our products! Therefore, to improve the ergonomics of window tapes, we are introducing innovation in production: winding on colored spools. It will help you intuitively determine the purpose of the tape. The internal tapes will have red spools because red is the color of the heat that accumulates inside the house. The external tapes will be wind up on the blue spools, as blue is associated with the cold outside. Any installer will determine at a glance which tape is in front of him.

The new products are already winded on colored spools. So all Alenor window tapes will be on sale with this handy identifier soon.

We are now on LinkedIn
23 September 2021

Friends, we have started a page of our company on LinkedIn – a social network for business contacts. There we plan to show fresh vacancies and news from NORMIZOL. In addition, we are actively looking for distributors and partners around the world, so share our page with anyone who might be interested.

In our profile, we will also post the latest production news and publications about our export products. Click on the "Follow" button to find out about the opening of new vacancies in our company and other events.

TeamWIN Windows & Glass Day 2021 conference
10 September 2021

On September 7, Kyiv hosted the TeamWIN Windows & Glass Day 2021 conference on the perspectives for the window and glass business in Ukraine. Leading industry experts shared the latest information about the tools for promoting products and services, legislative regulation of the production and certification of windows and components, aspects of high-quality window installation, etc.

Vadim Moseichuk, head of the window tapes department of NORMAIZOL, attended the conference. As a manufacturer of components for the installation of windows according to Ukrainian State Standard, we paid special attention to the technical section of the event. In particular, the speakers spoke about the harmonization of national legislation with the European one and about the EU building codes. In the process, the implementation of European standards issue was considered, which is important for our company, because we strive for them in production.

Speakers from Germany and France raised the topic of certification of window structures and building materials, the specifics of national legislation in the installation of windows context. We made sure that when creating "Alenor Warm Window Technology" we chose the German model of energy-efficient installation path of development.

At the TeamWIN conference, speakers brought up important topics and shared useful information that will allow us to improve our products and services.

New product: Alenor flange profile sealant for ventilation systems
3 September 2021

We present a new product: Alenor flange profile sealant for ventilation systems. It is a self-adhesive tape for sealing and compaction of flange joints of rough rectangular or round air ducts for prevention of air- and heat loss. We produce the foamed polyethylene sealant in two colors: gray and white.

An adhesive layer with high stickiness provides excellent adhesion. The tape adheres tightly and evenly to complex surfaces due to its mechanical properties. The sealant is winded on the coil that easily fixes on a mounting belt. Soon the new product will appear in our online store, but for now, ask our managers for the Alenor flange profile sealant!

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