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Sealing tapes

Nowadays in Ukraine people gradually coming to positions of resource-saving. It begins with usage of proper sealing. Company Normaizol manufactures and distributes modern sealing tapes with prices in which you will be obligatory interested. You can Learn about the products on our site with available information, photos and necessary information.

Types of sealing tapes:
We offer to buy such sealing tapes:
-Sound insulating tape which has perfect shock acoustic insulation, elasticity, softness and zero water absorption. Resistant to oxidation, fungus and climate conditions, environment friendly.
PURS is being used for sealing of joints, abutting of roof tiles and other constructions.Usage of sealing enables to preserve polyurethane foam by protecting it from UV rays.
That material steam-throughput when properly hydro-insulated. Endurable even when window moves towards wall.
EPDM - tight sealing and its advantage is ability to create smooth surface outside and as result get product resistant to water absorption.

Sealing tapes Alenor due to flexibility and tightness perfectly cope with their thermal-insulating functions.