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Special tapes

Special tapes alenor are group of high quality specialased products made of elastic, flexible chemically sewed polyethylene

Company Normaizol has the newest equipment and the most progressive design that enables to manufacture the best products in Ukraine, also we offer the most profitable price. We create conditions to provide quick and fast purchasing even when you byu via wholesale.

On our site you will find necessary information and learn with products on photos. Usage of special tapes.

Fencing tapes can be used on perimeter of storages, manufacturing territories and loading areas, danger areas and parkings, other territories demanding identification.

Car protector - self adhesive plate designed to prevent damage of car when parking improperly.

Usage of special tapes

You can use fencing tapes for fencing on perimeter

-    storage and manufacturing areas

-    loading zones

-    dangerous areas

-    parking

-    other areas requiring identification

Car protector (self-adhesive plate) designed to prevent damage of car parts in case of wrong parking. Being made of polymeric tape and chemically sewed polyethylene.                                                     

- Has distinguishing properties among which:

- mounting to any surface including uneven

- no need tool for mounting

- resistant to any climatic changes

-  doesn’t rip from surface even under strong effects.

Technical characteristics

Has properties among which: mounting to any surface even rough. No need for tools for assembling, resistant to climate changes, cant unglue even when affected hard. Technical characteristics: special tapes have good technical characteristics due to which they have long time of usage. Working temperatures are -40 +110. Rolls being manufactured with length 15 meters, width 100 mm and thickness 8mm. Contact us: we offer products with guaranteered quality. Cood conditions for wholesale purchasing.