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  • Kharkiv Office:
  • Odessa office:
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Assembly tapes

Company Normaizol designed and offers assembly tapes for performance of painting, finishing, building and assembly works. On site you can see photos and descriptions of products. With high quality and uniqueness you can buy our products with profitableprices including wholesale purchasing. We guarantee that quality of our products is comparable to European examples.

Kinds of assembly tapes:

Company proud of its products which are being manufactured in wide assortment. With their help performing of operations becomes more qualitative, reliable and productivity of labor also increases.

Tapes will protect from pollutions, seal gaps and seams, fixate wires.

  • Self-adhesive tape made of synthetic tape has big isolative resistance to corrosion, condensation, vibration, heat
  • Self-adhesive aluminum tape being used during installation of ductworks, heat-insulation of steel, cast metal, zinced, copper, plastic pipes for ventilation, heating, refrigeration, water-supplying.
  • Aluminum reinforced tape being used for sizing of seams and junctions during assembly of reflective insulation.
  • High temperature self-adhesive aluminum being used in places that can be heated to 300C also for sealing during installation of fireplaces.
  • Two-sided duct tape Alenor on foamed base perfectly compensates irregularities of connecting parts.
  • Other assembly tapes Alenor which are worthy representatives of their group of products.

Consultants will tell you about benefits of each kind. We will make buying simple and fast (even when in case of wholesale) and quickly deliver to any city of Ukraine.