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Greenhouse sealing

Normaizol manufactures and distributes the best agricultural tapes in Ukraine. These products designed for repair of agricultural films, prevention of heat leaks, freezing and protection of greenhouses from outer effects.

Kinds of agricultural tape

Damage of surface destabilizes inner climate conditions and causes negative influence onto harvest. Self-adhesive greenhouse tape is a quick decision of arisen trouble. Tape is sustainable to climate changes, high adhesive strength appropriate for hot and cold weather.

Greenhouse thermos curb made of environment friendly materials resistant to rotting. This products also:

-          disallow freezing of ground indoor

-          being used for hydro and thermal-insulation of underground part of polytunnel made of concrete

-          prevents mixing of ground outside with prolific ground from inside

-          prevents emergence of ground  pests

-           keeps needed ground humidity

-          prevents greenhouse from penetration of water from outside thus keeping microclimate indoor

-          Agricultural tapes also available in form of thermal sealing for greenhouses. Thermal sealing being used for protection from freezing of metal frame, prevents emerging of condensate, compensates snow and wind loads on the carcass and fencing layer

You can select and buy agricultural tape directly on our website with available descriptions and photos of every kind of the product. You will make sure that we have the most profitable prices. Wholesale is the way more profitable way of buying.

Contact us and we will help to manage with every task. Our products will provide perfect harvest. All products are easy to use and have long lifetime. Consultants will give you further information regarding to usage of tape and buying including wholesale.